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Welcome to the home of Managed Services!

Running Computers understands the value of an IT infrastructure and the need to have these systems operating at their optimum. We provide our customers with peace-of-mind by offering multiple tiers of support services, including managed services, proactive monitoring and altering and a host of customisable Service Level Agreements with predetermined roles and responsibilities.

The fact is services only work when they are managed. Our 17 years experience in IT has led us to one conclusion:

Unless the relationship is pre-defined and structured, support services fall apart.

Where relationships are mutually beneficial and each party clearly understands the others expectations; a beneficial relationship exists.

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Comprehensive End Point Anti-Virus with Managed Definition updates via Cloud based services. This means you're protected at the office and on the move, 24x7, always on.


An industry first automation engine allows for script based remediation based on detected failures. Automating many service related activities in a timely and cost effective manner. For example automatically deleting temporary files that accumulate or defraging Exchange when system thresholds are reached.


Remote monitoring a broad range of services on virtually any network device. Allowing multiple layers of monitoring and customisable thresholds for up to the minute notifications enabling response to availability and security issues before they become critical.

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Is there someone with a vested interest in bringing your business back online? At Running Computers we pride ourselves on our aggressive approach to services and the delivery of world class technology and solutions.

We will be there when you need us.

Managed Services including Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Managed Services is a very prevalent 'buzz-word' and can be a bit of a misnomer when viewed in many IT service offerings. Running Computers offers genuine Managed Services accessible to all level of organization. Read More

Monitoring & Alerting Services

Running Computers offers a comprehensive remote monitoring and reporting solution capable of monitoring all IP devices within your IT network to enable you to discover, monitor, manage and report on all aspects of your business infrastructure. Read More

Procurement, IT Architecture & Project Management

The provision of hardware and software solutions remains critical to our portfolio. Having built our business around the delivery of cost-effective solutions that help customers grow their business, reduce the cost of technology ownership and increase the performance and manageability of their computing systems. Read More

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