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/// About Us

/// Who are we?

Established in 1995, Running Computers has spent 21 years creating an industry-leading provider of IT services and skills to the South African market place. Our vision is to be the leading IT service provider with the people, the resources and the passion to provide our clients with the very best service and skills within the industry.

Our highly motivated team rigorously strives for solutions that ensure value through single source capability. Strategic relationships with industry leading vendors ensure multiple solutions are considered to offer dynamic, innovative and cost effective information technology systems.

At Running Computers, we realise the "X" factor in IT is the fast and efficient delivery of service. By offering exceptional service before, during and after the sales cycle, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by leveraging our long and valued relationships with our industry leading suppliers. We are able to bring to the market place a host of products and the expertise to implement and maintain these systems.

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/// What we do?

The fact is services only work when they are managed. Our 21 years experience in IT has led us to one conclusion:

Unless the relationship is pre-defined and structured, support services fall apart.

Where relationships are mutually beneficial and each party clearly understands the others expectations; a beneficial relationship exists.

Fact: Hardware Fails

As a matter of course, IT equipment fails. Redundancy only gets you so far. All the best brands and all the latest technology will only be worth your while for as long as it takes for the hardware to crash. Glossy marketing and up to the minute 'turn key' technologies are completely worthless when the time comes and you face a mission critical system failure.

/// Our awesome services

Managed Services including Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Managed Services is a very prevalent ‘buzz-word’ and can be a bit of a misnomer when viewed in many IT service offerings. Running Computers offers genuine Managed Services accessible to all level of organization. Our tiered approach means we can bundle offerings that make sense to your business size and profile and take care of only the issues that are important to your business;

  • End-Point Anti-Virus with managed definition updates
  • Patch Management including IT manager approval, log tracking & status reports
  • Back-up Management WITH daily verification, optional off-site media storage & remote support
  • Anti-Spam Services

SLA offerings, more often than not, prove to be prohibitively expensive because of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Build an agreement that includes managed and pro-active maintenance for healthy systems and infrastructure and add in essential value added services at your discretion;

  • Network Operation Centre (NOC) reporting: - performance reporting software for accurate measurement of the value of your IT services, business impact reporting including IT infrastructure metrics and long term performance reporting with utilization charts and period utilization metrics
  • Helpdesk Offering: - Web-based, hosted helpdesk for the daily management of support requests. One-Click icon based call logging (via the web) combined with optional voice or email enabled logging as desired.

Monitoring & Alerting Services

Running Computers offers a comprehensive remote monitoring and reporting solution capable of monitoring all IP devices within your IT network to enable you to discover, monitor, manage and report on all aspects of your business infrastructure. The solution can plug in to an existing IT department and end simply at an alert or can link up with a managed services agreement for a more comprehensive SLA offering.

An essential license offers 24x7x365 threshold based monitoring, at scan intervals of 4-hours, with email based alerting & escalation. The professional offering includes critical desktop & server monitoring at client defined scan intervals and includes mission critical options like Active Directory monitoring, application monitoring including SQL and Exchange with Remote Support Manager & Reporting (3-month data set). Running Computers monitoring solution offers so much more than a facility to alert your IT manager of trouble spots:

  • Reduce IT costs & increase IT department productivity through automation
  • Monitor your network to delivery a consistently high level of service 24x7
  • Centrally manage a distributed architecture as if it was local
  • Generate reports to gain insight into your network and communicate important IT information
  • Integrate with industry leading PSA tools

Procurement, IT Architecture & Project Management

The provision of hardware and software solutions remains critical to our portfolio. Having built our business around the delivery of cost-effective solutions that help customers grow their business, reduce the cost of technology ownership and increase the performance and manageability of their computing systems. Running Computers remains committed to providing the highest levels of quality and innovation, and by offering knowledge of a wide range of information technology systems to provide our clients with systems that allow for minimum down time and maximum efficiency. With this in mind we provide the design, configuration, installation and support of integrated connectivity solutions.

  • Custom Network Solutions
  • Physical Layer Design & Deployment including Server Room Design
  • Built-to-Spec Server Solutions
  • Built-to-Spec Desktop Solutions
  • Vendor independent consultation & solution design
  • Backup Strategy, Disaster Recovery Planning & Risk Analysis Consultation
  • Full Spectrum Project Management
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